Friday, January 29, 2010

Problem Solved : Cannibalism's No More

On my last year's post, I've mentioned that one of my doe ate their young as a defense mechanism against predators and drought or food shortage. I've been studying the case since that day. How do I make my does to feel comfy......

Now I have the solution. I make a nest box like a cave. Only one entrance and it is dark inside. And I add some extra features to it. A 'sunroof' which enable me to have a peek what happen inside..

I put it on test last month when Snowy ( the mother who ate the little ) gave birth once again with 3 litters. She seems comfy with the new nest box and began to take care of her little ones.

Here is the picture of the Cave Nestbox

New Rack Installed

This is my new addition of rack or shelf or what ever you wanna call it.
At first i want to buy it and built it from scratch, but after calculating the
expenses and intense labor cost, I've decided to buy a DIY one.

It is 8feet tall X 6feet long X 18inches wide, but i cut it into 2 .
One can hold 6@8 cages and the other one I made to put the little ones.
Here are some of its pic :

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year With New Plan

It has been a while since my last post on this blog. Many things had happened. I lost two of my buck for unknown reason. In the morning they're fine, in the afternoon they died mysteriously.
From 10 litters of three mothers, only 6 survived. 2 had been sold and now there are four left.

This is from Local doe + Local buck

And this is from Lionhead buck + Local doe

They seem to inherit the father's genes.........
they are all 2 months old.

This year, 2 mother had gave birth to 3 and 4 litters.
the four's are all white ( Mother black + white / Father white lionhead )
and the three's are 2 black and one brown ( mother all white / father shiny black-died of mysterious cause ).

And I'm still waiting for my anggora to gave birth sometimes in this few days....... hope they'll be okay....


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