Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sad But True

After a few days, my 7 litters now gone. 4 of them was eaten by its mother, Snowy and 3 of it die of unattended care by its mother. I was away on my 3 days meeting with my department so I ask one of my friend to take care of the bunnies. He's the one who call me and tell me what was happened. I think Snowy is still young and still didn't know how to take care and manage her own litters. She didn't even prepare the nest like normally rabbit do. I think she'll be rested for a few weeks and I'm looking forward to find the best solution for this case.

I didn't blame the doe for this. This is entirely my fault. I think the nestbox that i provide aren't private enough for them. So, I must use a new design nestbox, maybe like a cave. This is a reminder for me.

I found this article in the net and it's may be the reason why this is happening.

"Rabbit Cannibalism

This situation can be caused by a variety of conditions like when the does become excited by an environmental change or when the nutritional status (usually water) is restricted.
Eating young often occurs when varmints, household pets, rodents, or some other unusual visitor enters the rabbitry soon after the doe has delivered her young. The eating of young is an instinctive survival response of the doe. Restrict all animals and visitors from entering or roaming near the rabbitry. The problems often occur at night when rodents and varmints are more active.
Other concerns include a check of the water supply system to assure that adequate amounts of fresh, cool water are available and use vitamin/electrolyte supplements in the drinking water during hot periods. Adding electrolytes (salts) increases water consumption. If water is not flushed frequently from overhead water pipes during hot weather, the water may become too hot for drinking. The does may not drink enough water and cannibalism may result. All hot water in these pipes should be flushed at mid-afternoon."

Courtesy of : Misissippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station - MSU

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Latest Addition : 7 Little Pinkies

Tonite, I was lucky to witness one of my bunny (Snowy) gave birth.
With no signal and after 64 days of waiting, she gave birth to 7 litters.
I'm a bit worried because as we know, the doe only have 6 nipples. How can she nurse and breastfed 7? I have to make sure that all 7 survive. But I don't have another nursing doe. Maybe I have to manual fed one of them. That is to be seen tomorrow.
I'll upload their pictures later.


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